Radiant Skin at Any Age: Holistic Skincare Tips for Every Life Stage

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Healthy skin is timeless, and achieving it at every stage of life is within your grasp. Skin care should be tailored to meet the unique needs of your skin at different life stages. From youthful vitality to graceful ageing, we'll uncover the practices and products that help you maintain healthy, glowing skin throughout your journey.

Youthful Glow: Teens and Early Adulthood

For the younger crowd, the focus should be on prevention and establishing a solid skincare routine.  This can be overshadowed for those dealing with hormonal acne, but every youthful skincare routine should include the following:

1. Daily Cleansing: Start with the basics—cleansing. A gentle, natural cleanser like Sapphire is ideal for removing impurities without stripping your skin of its natural oils.  Plus, it has the added benefit of natural anti-acne ingredients: Blue Tansy, Yarrow flower, and Chamomile.

2. Sun Protection: Embrace daily sun protection with an SPF. It's a non-negotiable step to protect your skin from UV damage and your older self will thank you later.

3. Hydration: Youthful skin thrives on hydration. Our hydrosol toners are excellent for maintaining moisture balance throughout the day.  Combine with Distilled Rose Ultimate Hydration serum for perfectly hydrated skin.  Add a lightweight lotion like Balance to seal in the hydration and moisturise your skin without oiliness.

4. Occasional Treatments: Begin introducing occasional treatments like exfoliation or a clarifying mask to keep breakouts at bay.  Gentle is best; even if you feel like stronger action will yield better results - it won’t.  All that will happen is your skin barrier will suffer, opening the door to further breakouts, scarring and infection.  Try our Artemis Moon Drops - an overnight phytonutrient treatment to reduce acne breakouts and redness.

Balanced Beauty: Adulthood

In your prime, the focus is on balance and nourishment.  You may be noticing small changes in texture and elasticity; this is the time to concentrate on the deep health of your skin by incorporating bioactive botanicals and clean cosmeceuticals:

1. Hydration and Nutrition: Maintain good hydration habits and a balanced diet. Consider our award-winning skincare products with bioactive ingredients like vitamin C THD and hyaluronic acid.

2. Targeted Serums: Introduce targeted serums like our phytonutrient glow potions to address specific concerns like fine lines and age spots.

3. Gentle Exfoliation: Continue with exfoliation but opt for gentler options to maintain skin renewal.  Try Ruby Facial Polish, or enjoy the gentle, natural daily AHA exfoliation of our Distilled Rose Serum

4. Mindful Self-Care: Stress management through practices like meditation or yoga contributes to overall skin health.  Incorporating Adaptogens into your diet can have long-reaching benefits to your over all health.

Graceful Aging: Mature Years

As you age, your skin requires extra care.  Now is the time to build on the foundation laid in earlier years.  An increase in bioactives and clean cosmeceuticals to improve skin elasticity, promote collagen production, tackle UV damage, and increase moisture retention is key to maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion in your maturing years:

1. Rich Hydration: Invest in deeply hydrating products to combat dryness and maintain skin elasticity.  Our Distilled Rose Serum and our Restore Night Cream will help keep your skin plump and hydrated while reducing fine lines and improving over-all texture.  Distilled Rose Serum contains naturally occurring Alpha-Hydroxy Acids to smooth the skin and improve the integration of actives.  It also contains hyaluronic acid - a hydrating compound that occurs naturally in our skin but dramatically decreases as we age.  Restore Night Cream contains botanical stem cells from the Japanese Orchid, along with Silk Proteins to deeply condition the skin.  It also contains Bakuchiol - a phyto-retinoid that modulates the same gene expression as Retinol, bringing you all the benefits without the dryness and sensistisation.  Read more about our active ingredients here.

2. Nutrient-Rich Ingredients: Look for products rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids to combat signs of aging.  Our range of Phytonutrient Glow Potions fit the bill, with each serum offering Advanced vitamin C THD and olive squalane to promote collagen and elastin, reduce fine lines, tackle UV damage and pigmentation, as well as a different functional list of benefits in each formula - choose according to your own individual needs.

3. Collagen Support: Incorporate collagen-boosting products to help skin maintain its firmness.  Check out our Vitamin C products to promote collagen synthesis and maintain skin elasticity and tone.  Pro tip:  Consuming ample vitamin C in your diet can also help your body produce more collagen. 

4. Holistic Wellness: Focus on holistic well-being, including regular exercise, a balanced diet, and quality sleep.  Visit our Remedies page to explore our Naturopath-formulated herbal blends to support your skin from within.

Consistency Is Key

Regardless of your life stage, consistency in your skincare routine is vital. Consider our range of natural, holistic skincare products that cater to your unique needs at every age.

Closing Thoughts

Beautiful, radiant skin is achievable at any age with holistic skincare practices and high-quality natural products. Embrace your journey and celebrate your skin's health and vitality at every life stage. Remember that the right skincare routine can be your lifelong companion in the pursuit of radiant, glowing skin.

Reference: Baumann, L. (2007). Skin ageing and its treatment. The Journal of Pathology, 211(2), 241-251.

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