Step into the world of the perfumer and create your signature scent with our unique Aroma Bar, located at Pantheon Apothecary in the beautiful Bay of Islands.

Comprised of 65+ Eau de Parfum accords, our Aroma Bar allows you to craft a beautifully balanced, unique signature scent in less than an hour.

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The secret to your success in crafting your perfume lies in the semi-structured nature of our perfume accords - each one blended, balanced and delicately beautiful in itself, making the process of crafting your perfume a simple creative process. Because all the difficult technical safety profiling, balancing and testing is already taken care of, you’re free to play, to express yourself through scent, and to turn out a truly beautiful fragrance all of your own.

In the making of your perfume, with as much (or as little) expert help as you prefer, you have the freedom to create as many samples as you need to find your perfect perfume formulation. We are on hand to assist you in structuring your samples, and help you to modify them according to your preference.

In the course of making your perfume you will gain a deeper understanding of what is involved in the craft of fine perfumery, the balance and structure of a successful scent, and you will have to opportunity to develop your appreciation for the finer points of the perfumer’s art.

If you are interested in exploring our Aroma Bar and creating your Signature Scent, please get in touch with us.

Email Emily at or call 0278909486

Bookings are not usually necessary for individuals and couples, but if you have limited time, or would like to do the Aroma Bar as a group, bookings are advisable.

Perfume Parties can be arranged after hours for larger groups.

See you soon!