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Established in 2011, Pantheon Apothecary was founded on the idea that personal care, beauty and wellness should be a seamless blend of nature, science, and luxury, with a planet-first ethos and a beautiful aesthetic. It’s all part of the package!

We've nurtured this belief into a full-fledged offering, incorporating three distinct yet complimentary segments under one umbrella:





At Pantheon Apothecary, we're not just about selling products; we're about promoting a lifestyle that values health, wellbeing, and a deep-rooted connection with nature. Whether you're exploring our functional skincare range, going deeper with our herbal remedies, or discovering your signature scent through our clean Aroma Lab, we're committed to making your journey with us a transformative experience.

We're a small, passionate team, but our dreams are big. We envision a world where personal care products nurture both the body and soul, without compromising the environment or our wellbeing.


At Pantheon Apothecary, we are deeply aware of our responsibility to our planet. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us - it's a commitment woven into every aspect of our operations.

We package our products in reusable glass and recyclable or compostable materials, significantly reducing our plastic footprint. To extend our commitment to waste reduction, we offer a refill option whenever we can. In-store, we run a refill service for our oil-based skincare products, along with a money-back or bottle swap service for all our bottles. This encourages reuse and further reduces packaging waste.

When it comes to our ingredients, we are uncompromising. We prioritize organic, sustainably wildcrafted, and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our botanicals while respecting the environment and its rich biodiversity. As part of this commitment, we never use endangered or at-risk botanicals or mass-market essential oils in any of our products.

By choosing Pantheon Apothecary, you're not just opting for products that nourish your body and spirit; you're supporting a business that values and upholds environmental responsibility. Together, we can make a difference, one eco-conscious choice at a time.


At the heart of Pantheon Apothecary is our founder, Emily, a qualified herbalist with a bachelor's degree in natural medicine, a diploma in herbal medicine, and professional training in cosmetic formulation and classical perfumery.

Every product we offer is handcrafted in our onsite lab, with our founder overseeing every aspect of formulation and manufacturing. This hands-on approach allows us to ensure quality, potency, safety, and efficacy at every step, providing you with products that truly stand out in the realm of natural skincare, herbal medicine, and modern perfumery.

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We are committed to constantly expanding our sustainability practices for a better world.