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Transform your space into a sanctuary with this pure, natural incense. For thousands of years, people have used resins, plant material, woods, and oils to create medicinal and enjoyable aromas through the power of smoke. Our incense carries on this rich tradition by offering 100% natural and pure ingredients.

Hand-rolled in Oman with only two ingredients, our incense features a blend of natural Boswellia sacra resin and aromatic Oud wood chips. This subtle yet uplifting scent permeates the air without overwhelming your senses, creating a tranquil atmosphere perfect for relaxation and meditation.

Frankincense, one of the main ingredients, has been prized for its therapeutic properties since ancient times. Known for its natural anxiolytic and psychoactive effects, burning frankincense produces a refreshing, uplifting aroma that promotes a sense of calm and well-being.

12 hand rolled natural incense sticks